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Scotland and the Scots


Music from Barry Taylor'sTraditional Tunebook

Copyright © 1998 G. R. Gordon

Scots! Wha Hae

Clan Gordon 
(alternate address)

Notable Dates in Scottish History

House of Gordon (US)

Gateway to Scotland

House of Gordon (GA)

Gaelic Language and Culture

The Gordon Highlanders Museum

Scottish Military Historical Journal

Four-Legged Gordons
(and more)

The Register of All Publicly Known Tartans


Jedediah Hyde
Michael Gordon
Peter Gaynor
Charles Dixon
Eliphalet Martin

Old Methodist Burying Ground, Sackville, NB
Fort Lawrence Cemetery, Fort Lawrence, NS
Old Loyalist Cemetery, Saint John, NB



Canadian Researchers!

An agency of the Canadian Government is trying to permanently close access to the Census of 1906, and all subsequent Canadian censuses. If this agency's plans are not blocked, access to this important tool for genealogical, historical & cultural research will be eliminated, not just for a period of 75-100 years, but forever. Please visit the Post 1901 Census Project website to learn about the efforts being made to preserve access to Canadian census information.


Music courtesy of Barry Taylor'sTraditional Tunebook

Copyright © 1998 G. R. Gordon