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A Visit to the Old Loyalist Cemetery
Saint John, NB

The Old Loyalist Cemetery is the burial place of many of the Loyalist founders of the City of Saint John, NB. Over the years it suffered greatly from neglect. Many of the gravestones fell victim to vandalism, erosion and acid rain. Although efforts were made off and on to preserve or restore it, by the early 1990s the cemetery had become quite run down and many of the original stones had fallen and been buried under encroaching vegetation or were missing altogether. A major restoration of the cemetery was completed shortly before these photos were taken in August of 1996. Old stones were retrieved and reset. New monuments and memorials were added. The cemetery is now a beautiful oasis of peace and quiet in the heart of the bustling city.

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Entrance to the Old Loyalist Cemetery, Saint John, NB
Entrance to the Old Loyalist Cemetery, Saint John, NB

Old Loyalist Cemetery, Saint John, NB - 1996
Old Loyalist Cemetery, Saint John, NB - August 1996

Servicemen's Memorial
Servicemen's Memorial Garden

Beaver Pond Fountain
Beaver Pond Fountain

Ann GaynorWilliam Gaynor
Gravestones of Ann Gaynor & her son and grandson
William James Gaynor & William Joseph Gaynor

Benjamin Stanton
Gravestone of Benjamin Stanton & his son
William Ketchum Stanton

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