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1st Gen.

Thomas Roach GORDON; b. 26 Aug 1820 Ft. Lawrence, Cumberland Co., N.S., CANADA; m. 18 Jun 1844 Trinity Anglican Church, Saint John, N.B. to Mary Ann [Gaynor] (dtr. William James & Mary Ann [Stanton] GAYNOR of Saint John)(Marriage reported Johnson, V.10 #1878 & confirmed by records of Trinity Anglican Church, Saint John, N.B.); b. 1821? Saint John, N.B. CANADA; d. 7 Feb 1883 Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. (bur. 10 Feb 1883 Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.)(Thomas was descended on his father's side from Michael GORDON of the 17th Lt. Dragoons, who settled at Shelburne, N.S. with the Loyalists following the American Revolution, and on his mother's side from Charles DIXON, one of the early Yorkshire Settlers of Sackville, N.B. According to the Dixon Papers at PANB, he went to Saint John & became Clerk at Tisdale & Sons Hardware; later had his own hardware business; still later moved to Brooklyn, N.S. [sic]) & had two sons, Charles [sic] who was married, and Frank. We have found no evidence for the existence of Charles and believe George Gaynor GORDON to be the son referred to as Charles. On 8 Aug 1860, Thomas purchased the Gordon Family Plot in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. In an Affidavit filed to settle title to the Gordon Family Plot in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY, in 1903 it is stated that he d. 23 Mar 1895. He is not buried in the plot.)(Mary Ann was descended from Rhode Island Loyalists, Peter GAYNOR and Benjamin STANTON); children:


Mary Ann [Stanton] GAYNOR (wid. William James Gaynor of Saint John, N.B.; mother of Mary Ann [Gaynor] Gordon & George Wm. Gaynor); b. c.1797?; d. 17 Aug 1859 (aged 62 per 24 Aug 1859 MN); (bur. Green-Wood 17 Aug 1860 same day as her 5 yr. old grandson, LeBaron Gordon); (Mary Ann was dtr. of Benjamin STANTON, of Newport, RI, one of the Loyalist founders of the City of Saint John, N.B., and descended on her father's side from Robert STANTON who settled at Newport, RI, in the 1600s);

Marion [Partelow] HAWKINS (dtr. George C. PARTELOW & Sally Ann [Harding]); b. 11 or 14 Feb 1836 Saint John, N.B.; Bapt. 19 Jun 1836 Trinity Anglican Church, Saint John, N.B.; d. 7 Oct 1863 New York (bur. 10 Oct 1863 Green-Wood); m. 1 Jun 1858 Trinity Anglican Church, Saint John, N.B. to William F. HAWKINS; (Marion's grandmother, Sarah (Sally) Forrester [Stanton], and Mary Ann [Gaynor] Gordon's mother, Mary Ann [Stanton] Gaynor, were sisters -- daughters of Benjamin STANTON, the Newport, RI, Loyalist. Sarah and her first husband, John HARDING, had a daughter, Sally Ann [Harding], who married George C. PARTELOW and was the mother of Marion [Partelow] Hawkins. Mary Ann and her husband, William James GAYNOR, had a daughter, Mary Ann [Gaynor], who married Thomas Roach GORDON.)

Thomas A. GORDON; (bur. 4 May 1865 Green-Wood);

George William GAYNOR (son of William James & Mary Ann [Stanton] GAYNOR of Saint John & brother of Mary Ann [Gaynor] GORDON); b. c.1818?; d. 26 Feb 1868 NY (aged 50 per 7 Mar 1868 M.T.); (bur. 28 Feb 1868 Green-Wood);

Blanche SEELYE; (bur. 10 Jul 1903 Green-Wood);

Mable H. BISHOP; (bur. 11 Aug 1907 Green-Wood);

* According to letter from Green-Wood March 4, 1993: Thomas R. Gordon who purchased the lot August 8, 1860, IS NOT BURIED THERE.

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